Volunteer- provide a case study

Could you be one of our case studies?

It helps people thinking about whether to join the Credit Union to hear real life stories of how other people have benefited. It is also good to have case studies for the media who sometimes ask the credit union for examples to go with articles they are preparing. Being able to include feedback from a current member by adding a real life experience brings an article to life. It also helps to raise the profile of Salford Credit Union.

For example:

  • Have you had experience of payday or doorstep lenders then changed to Salford Credit Union?
  • Perhaps you have had a Salford Credit Union loan or used your savings to pay for something life changing or unusual?
  • Has having a Salford Credit Union account helped you if you needed to have wages or benefits paid in- maybe you got a new job?

Interested in sharing your story? contact us at info@salfordcreditunion.com or call us on 0161 686 5880 for an informal chat.

How to apply for membership

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