About Us

What is a credit union?

More than just another financial services provider!

  • A financial co-operative
  • Committed to our members
  • Committed to our community

Salford Credit Union exists to provide safe, competitive and fair financial services to our members with accessible saving and affordable loans.

Salford Credit Union aims to help you take control of your money by:

  • Encouraging you to save what you can
  • Only borrowing what you can afford to repay


Membership applicationIt takes about 5 minutes- make sure you have your National Insurance number and bank details

and Loan applicationLoans are available to Credit Union members who are saving regularly with us (unless eligible under our Payroll members scheme, see more at…Payroll membership


Salford Credit Union can only offer services to its members. Our membership is based on a Common Bond- a link shared by people who belong to a specific community- living or working in our area.

To become a member of Salford Credit Union you must live or work in Salford or parts of North Manchester and Prestwich (post code areas M25, M8, M9 and M40) as shown on the map below.

NEW– people who are members of Unite the Union or Unison (both North West region) can now apply to join Salford Credit Union

Salford Credit Union Common Bond Area

If you are unsure as to whether or not you qualify, please contact us directly on 0161 686 5880, email us at info@salfordcreditunion.com or head over to this page to find out more.

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