How to join Salford Credit Union

Membership- now available online…

The Credit Union is owned and controlled by its members and exists solely for the benefit of our members- we have no external shareholders. We profit for you not from you!

We are here to help everyone become better off- to build your savings and offer affordable loans. Our vision is to provide ethical, accessible and affordable financial services to all within our Common Bond- our membership qualification.

Joining Salford Credit Union

You can join Salford Credit Union if you live or work in Salford or parts of North Manchester (all Salford plus parts of M25, M8, M9 and M40- see map). You can also join if you are a member of Unison or Unite the Union, North West Region.

Salford Credit Union Common Bond Area

Join online now…

You will need your National Insurance number and bank details Membership form

To join online you will need an email address and bank account. If your application is successful we will contact you to confirm your membership. We will ask you to arrange payment of your £3 membership fee and first savings (£5 minimum)- usually by setting up a Standing Order or Payroll deduction. You will also be able to register for online services.

Our verification processes use online anti-money laundering systems. If the identity check fails we will need you to bring inproof of your current name and address in order to satisfy PRA & FCA money laundering requirements.

To become a member you open a savings account– called a ‘share account’ because each member owns a share of the credit union. We ask you to save regularly so you can build your own savings and build the bigger pot so those members who need a loan are able to borrow.

If we have not received your membership fee and initial savings within 2 months of opening your account we may need to close it to avoid costs of maintaining dormant accounts.

To join in person

To join Salford Credit Union in person, you will need to:

  • Come to the office or local service point and complete an application form
  • Bring proof of Identity, proof of address and document with your National Insurance number
  • If your connection to the area is through work rather than residence a document from your employer showing where you work is also required.
  • Pay £3 membership fee
  • Pay at least £5 as your first savings deposit- you must keep at least £5 in your account at all times.

Payroll Members

If you work for one of our Supporting Employers you are eligible for deductions straight from your Payroll- giving you a safe and convenient way of saving regularly and getting access to very competitive loans. We regularly offer exclusive lower interest rates for Payroll members.

Find out more here Payroll membership or join now online…Loan application

Junior memberships

The credit union also welcomes Junior members to open saver accounts.

Members can join from birth and become full members eligible to apply for loans after their 18th birthday.

What proof of identity and address we need

For proof of Identity and address we require the following:

Primary Photographic ID:

  • Passport
  • Full Driving Licence
  • Concessionary Bus Pass
  • Works Photographic ID

Proof of address:

  • Gas or Electric bill
  • Water rates bill
  • Council tax bill
  • Mortgage or bank statement showing your full address
Without Photographic ID

We require three items which should include any two of the above Bills or Statements listed plus one other of a Benefits Letter or a Letter from HM Customs & Excise showing your Tax Code.

These documents MUST be originals and NOT be more than 3 months old with the exception of your Council Tax bill, Benefits Letter or HM Revenue Letter which must be for the current year.

Confirmation of your National Insurance number can be found on a payslip, P60, Benefits Letter or NI Card.

How to pay in to your account

Paying in to your account is easy

Many of our members set up standing orders to save on a regular basis- weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly. We can also take occasional debit card payments by phone or at the office.

If you are employed by one of our select Employer partners then you can make regular savings by payroll deduction. This means we will organise with your employer for your chosen savings (or loan repayment) amount to be taken straight from your salary or wages each payday and forwarded to your Salford Credit Union account.

Once you have joined you will get your unique Membership number and a Welcome letter.

We encourage all members to register on our website so they can check balances, view recent transactions and keep up to date with latest news.

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