New loan deals launched to offer Salford residents best rates yet

We’re delighted to launch our most competitive loan rates to date and to support you to become more financially stable – and move away from taking out expensive credit cards and pay day loans.

Chief executive of Salford Credit Union, Sheila Murtagh, said: “We wantto make sure people across the city benefit from having access to a competitive, ethical and local lender. Not only are we the ethical and local choice, but now we can compete better than ever with national lenders. We treat each loan application individually – whether this is your first loan to cover a large expense, or you feel tapped in a cycle of debt, we urge you to get in touch.”

Find out more about our loans today.

We thank our partners across Salford – in particularly Salford City Council for supporting the launch of our new loan products.

Pictured is chief executive of Salford Credit Union Sheila Murtagh (centre), board member, Jim King (left) and Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett