Salford Credit Union needs you!

Here at Salford Credit Union we are very proud of what we do and have been serving the local community for 30 years. Because we are a cooperative and run by members, we understand the importance of having an alternative to loan sharks and other high cost payday lenders. We provide affordable loan and savings products that help keep more money in our members’ pockets.

As a member led organisation, we are very excited to be recruiting new talent to our board. The Salford Credit Union board set our strategy, making sure that we meet all the legal requirements that a financial organisation has. Anyone on the board has to be either an existing member or happy to become a member – and to make sure Salford Credit Union keeps it’s local focus members must live or work in Salford, or be a local member of Unite or Unison Unions. All board members are volunteers.

If you interested in finding out more then please visit our recruitment page. We are very happy to answer any questions you have about any role, contact Miranda on