How a spring-clean can leave you with more pounds in your pocket

It’s officially Spring! Though we may welcome the longer days and the promise of warmer weather with open arms, we may be less enthusiastic about the seasonal tradition to ‘spring clean’.

But, in fact, blowing the cobwebs out of your finances can make a massive difference to the pounds in your pocket. Salford Credit Union has swept up the best tips to dust off your dosh and help your balance to feel sparkling new:

Switch and save

From insurance and energy bills to your mobile and gym membership – think of the savings that could add up if you were to shop around for the best deals on each expenditure! Many providers include price increases in contract renewals, in the hope customers will be too busy to switch. Spending a few hours shopping around could save you the equivalent of months of bills.

Keep a diary for a week

Kick-start your spring clean with an accurate and up to date view of your finances by keeping a diary of your money going in and money going out. Many are surprised at how much the coffees on the go and the online shopping sprees add up to. Try it for a week and see for yourself when and where your spending could be reduced!

Kick the habit

Give both your health and wealth a boost this Spring by trying to kick costly and unhealthy habits. Wonder how much you would save by stopping smoking? Try out this free cost calculator – and if that convinces you to kick the habit, take advantage of lots of free resources to help you to stop smoking, including stop smoking websites.

Dig out the cookbook

Cut the costs of your food shopping by cooking batches of pasta sauces, pizzas and casseroles from scratch – freezing portions ready to microwave in replacement of expensive and often unhealthy microwave meals.

Pick up tips on saving time and money with quick and easy homemade meals from bloggers such as A girl called Jack.

Prepare for a rainy day

April showers may be upon us – so make sure you’re prepared for a rainy day when it comes to your finances. Start saving with us today so that you’re not caught out by unexpected costs.