Payroll Members

Salford Credit Union welcomes Payroll members

If you work for one of our Supportive Employers you can access a hassle free way of regular saving and affordable borrowing.

We offer:

  • A convenient and safe method of saving
  • Savings or loan repayment go out on pay day so savings build up automatically
  • Part of a scheme which gives access to affordable loans- a real alternative to those lenders whose adverts are eye-catching but costs are high!
  • Able to benefit from specific promotions just for Payroll members
  • Borrow up to £7,500 on terms from 6 months to 60 months on interest rates ranging from 7.5% to 16.1%.

Example: You borrow £2000 with a repayment term of 24 months. You pay back £96.99 direct from your wages every month. The total interest is £327.76 which means you repay a total of £2327.76. This is saving of around £172 compare to lenders such as NatWest.

Become a Payroll Member now

The process is straight forward.

  • Check your employer is one of our Supporting Employers- scroll down to see full list of employers
  • Complete the online membership form here…Membership form It takes about 5 minutes and make sure you have your National Insurance number and bank details to hand
  • If your application is successful we email you a Payroll Deduction form
  • To get Payroll member benefits you provide your employee details (Full employer address and Payroll number) and say how much you will save
  • We contact your Employer and get your Credit Union payments set up
  • The payments will start from the first available Pay Day

Exclusive Payroll member loans- now LOWER than our standard loans

  • You can apply for a Payroll loan NOW if you are employed by one of our Supporting Employers
  • Check you can afford loan repayments by using our Budget Planner SCU Budget planner to check your income and outgoings
  • Interest rates for Payroll loans are LOWER than our standard loans (conditions apply)
    • Loans of £100-£5000 at 16.1% APR
    • Loans of £5,001- £7000 at 12.6% APR
    • Loans of £7001-£7500 at 7.5% APR
  • Apply online NOW…Loan application
Supporting Employers

Current Supporting employers

Employees of the following organisations who live or work in Salford, North Manchester and Prestwich (see map) may pay into the credit union by payroll deduction

  • Salford City Council
  • Salford Community Leisure
  • Salix Homes
  • City West Housing
  • Pennine Acute Hospital
  • Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust
  • North Manchester General Hospital
  • Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
  • Aspire Intelligent Care and Support

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