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Salford Credit Union Annual General Meeting held 25 February 2016

SCU 2016 AGM Minutes- draftFinal Annual Report 2016Accounts – 30 September 2015Members StoriesA successfulAnnual General meeting was held on 25 February 2016 with Rebecca Long Bailey (MP) as fantastic guest speakerThe AGM was held at Brotherton House, on Salford Broadwalk.The… Read more

Salford Community Committees award grant to Credit Union

Salford Credit Union are pleased to announce that in November 2015 we were awarded a grant by the Salford Community Committees. This will be used towards funding important improvements in our systems and processes, to make them more convenient for… Read more

Salford Credit Union wins Salford Social Enterprise of the Year Award!

At the prestigious annual award to celebrate volunteering on 7 December, Salford Credit Union won the Social Enterprise of the Year Award. This was a fantastic achievement and acknowledges all the hard work done by the many volunteers that support… Read more

Credit Union volunteer receives Heart of Salford Nomination

At the Heart of Salford Awards in December a loyal Credit Union volunteer was given a certificate to confirm her nomination in the Community Volunteer Award category. Marian is one of the founding members of Salford Credit Union- helping to… Read more